Fall of The Black Rancor



Data-pad…..log 3

Gand first job is good. Learn basic not hard. Credit comes fast.

Datapad…..log 7

Need personal tools. Gand can’t work.
Lots of credits for gand now. Fix machines in city simple for gand.

Datapad…..log 11

Gand do remedial things.
Gand now mechanic for shipment crew. Gand use a large machine to lift and move crates. Other guy say crates full of death sticks. What is death stick?
Gand want to look for new job. Gand learn quick.

Datapad…..log 19

Gand bought a blaster for protection. Possible that he will need weapon for new job. Guy want him to sneak into Black Sun facility with guys crew.
Before Gand did not need to communicate with many aliens. But now gand must. Hope gand get smart aliens. Gand does not like dumb aliens.

Datapad…..log 23

Gand like new job very much.
Gand in danger sometimes, Black Sun not like gand. Crew with gand know how to fight. Gand help crew by breaking enemy toy bomb traps. Gand found speeder in building with target. Speeder was good machine, and made credits for new crew mates.

It is challenge for gand to interact with crew, never lived with aliens so long. Habits are strange and Treu explain deathstick to gand. Aliens are dumb.



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