Fall of The Black Rancor

Debts to Pay

Initialize Datapad Log—User:ZERICHELCIN/PASS/####

The past few weeks have been interesting, it turns out that finding work as an ex-Imperial pilot can be two-sided; Some don’t trust me at all and others just want to use my working knowledge of Imperial craft and protocol. I’d been bouncing around from planet to planet after I abandoned my post aboard the Star Destroyer Accuser. The ship was being re-purposed for a search campaign to find the current whereabouts of the Alliance To Restore The Republic; It was easy enough to slip away when we had stopped by an Imperial shipyard to acquire new reconnaissance ships for our flight group.

I thought about returning to our home, gather up some of our stuff. I promise I’ll return there one day..

I settled on Coruscant. The best place to hide is right under your pursuers nose; If I even have a pursuer.. Though I’m sure I do, how would the Empire just let me walk away? After stumbling through cantinas for a couple of days I picked up some work with a bothan by the name of Lo’nel Corrde. He needed a pilot for a ship one of his crews just acquired. She’s beautiful too, YT-2400 just like what we talked about getting one day. So here’s where it gets really crazy; I’m on the ship doing some modifications and as the crew dossier is flipping through.. guess whose picture pops up? Zoji. Shiny right? Big sisters finally settled into some work for her.. skillset.

This crew is something else, first job we get we land on some planet where the storms could (and do) rip apart entire buildings. I hang back a little bit to keep working away at the ship, next thing I know the ship is being loaded up by some cook droid with food stores from this facility. After about an hour or two inside, I lost contact with the crew so I decided to head in and have a look myself.. It was calm, quiet.. too quiet for my tastes. When it gets that quiet, I get to hearing echoes of you. I spent some time in the crew lounge, turned on some music and looked at all the pictures of the loved one these men and women had left behind; Even found myself a pack of cigarras.

I headed back to the ship and I could barely walk straight from the winds; the generators protecting the facility from the storms were failing and quick. I got a hail from the crew and fired up the engines, two ships passed overhead and my crew barreled up the ramp. The Wookiee Peexa had Zoji over his shoulder, she was was unconscious but she was alright. We had a choice to make about which ship to go after; We chased down the escaping freighter and shot it down, the other human Treu and I spent a couple minutes arguing about opening up the hatch to retrieve some stupid droid. I told him I’d give him one minute with that door open and not a minute more, Those storms would have torn the ship apart from the inside out if the wind so much as shifted the wrong direction.

We’re on our way back to Socorro now to collect our payment, hopefully Bargos the Hutt won’t hold a grudge that we destroyed his entire facility. The facility.. We couldn’t save the generators. There just wasn’t enough time to get both ships. Our scanner lost all detection of life at the facility in one instant. I thought back to all those photographs on the wall of the mining lounge, then I thought about Alderaan. I’m not sure how to fix this Karrianna, but I will find a way.

Log entry closed



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